On Behalf of All Lit Majors Everywhere…

Permit me to say that I, for one, am happy that the only football team in the world named for a poem is now the REGNANT SUPREME CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSE!

Best commercial: the Oreo Quiet Riot with the cop whispering through the bullhorn. Also, I was disturbed by the implication that babies are not rocketed to earth from Planet Babyland. Please advise.

Also, when the power went out, I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as though millions of toilets had flushed and were suddenly silenced.

What’s with the kissing one’s own biceps thing?

Loved the 109 yard touchdown.

Appreciated the tribute to farmers.

Some of those commercials were depraved and I was embarrassed to be in a roomful of kids watching it.

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