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Our world is swirling with new media. Facebook has over a billion users. Each minute YouTube adds 70 hours of video. And every day we send six billion text messages.

For most Catholics this is both exciting and terrifying. We know this technology is powerful. And we know that we should be using it. But much of the Church is simply afraid to dive in. They’re wary of the dangers  they don’t know where to start, and they don’t know how to move forward.

That’s why Matt Warner, Josh Simmons, and I created the Digital Church Conference, a one-day guide to the digital continent. Through several talks, interactive demos, and panel discussions, we teach people everything they need to know, from perfecting their website, to building social networks, to evangelizing online.

Our just-released video trailer will give you a little taste:

Next week, we’re putting on our third Digital Church Conference, this time for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. But we’d love to take it to every diocese in the country, including your own. The Church badly needs help in this area of extraordinary potential.

So can you please help spread the word? Pass the Digital Church Conference website onto your pastor, parish staff, diocese, communication director, or bishop. Share the video on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog. We’d also love to do a guest post or interview on your website. We’d be grateful for any help you can give.

Website –

Video Trailer –

Thanks so much! Grace and peace!

PS. If you ever need graphics, logos, websites, or video trailers for a project, I highly recommend Cory Heimann at Likable Art. Cory is phenomenally talented and strongly Catholic. Check out his past work and then reach him at

I seriously love this guy!

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