Urgent Prayer Request

A reader writes…

My oldest friend (coincidentally named Mark) is unemployed, being evicted, and suicidal.

Father, hear our prayer that you intervene and call him to choose life and hope.  Help him find work, a place to stay, and friends who can help him through this momentary crisis.  Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for him.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

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Prayer Request
A reader urgently asks for help
  • D M

    Jesus help Mark to realize what his living options are. Ss Mark, Dymphna, Jude, Rita, BVM, and Joseph and all 9 Choir of Angels & All Saints – Pray for Mark. Don’t let him give up.

  • Jonathan Carpenter

    May God Bless Mark and his family!

  • NancyP

    St. Michael, we ask you to turn evil influences away from Mark as we pray, with you, for him. Satan is the Lord of Despair, and we are confident that you will pray for Mark and be a shield for him against evil.

    St. Joseph, beloved foster father of Our Lord and patron saint of our Pontifex Emeritus, pray for Mark as he seeks employment and a safe place to live. Entreat your foster son, Our Lord, to send His peace to mark during this time of great need.

    Blessed Mother Mary, you intercede for us all in our times of need. We humbly entreat you to place all of Mark’s needs and intentions at the feet of Our Lord, your beloved Son, and to ask Jesus to be present to Mark at this difficult time, and to provide Mark with the spiritual and material comfort he so desperately needs.

    Heavenly Father, we beg you to care for your child on Earth, Mark, and to provide for his immediate needs. May we, the people who pray for Mark and the people who meet Mark each day, be Your instruments of help and hope.

    We make our prayer through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

  • anon

    In addition to prayer, if it has not already been done, calling 911 or the local mental health authorities should probably at least be considered. Sometimes a brief hospital and the appropriate interventions can make a huge difference.

  • jASSI

    Please brother pray for me, brother i am so much depressed due to loneliness, and far of family and due to financial insecure and have no family support , and have a 2 year old child ,through out the pregnancy and after deliver grown up my child lonely with out anyone help ,with out my family help,loneliness depressed me ,and i am also tired very much due to sleepless nights and have no proper food diet, brother i am almost tired ,need some peace ,need happiness, need my family and their support and love, due to improper food diet i am not feeling well, and severe foot pain making me feel exhausted, lord Jesus help your child ,show me the way to peace and happiness, lord each and every minute feel alone and very in secured, lord Jesus come into my life please i cant bear this pain anyone, please release me from such stress and pains i am bearing, bless me with good health and peace forever lord Jesus bless me with good sleep through out the night, lord Jesus since 6 years i am alone have no place to go,lord please forgive my all sins and mistakes and please let my parents forgive me and accept me an my family ,and lord please have mercy on us, have mercy on my child who need my parents blessings and shelter ,lord Jesus as u said ask ,u shall be receive, knock and the doors will be opened ,lord i ask, i beg u, i knock the doors ,lord please open all the close doors of mercy and shower your blessings on us, shower miracle of peace and happiness, lord send a miracle of change and soften my dad heart and let him accept us, lord please do miracle for us and please lord i am suffering from foot pain ,I am unable to walk severe mental stress due to that lord have mercy and please release me from foot pain and all the mental stress and tensions i am bearing , lord Jesus u are my god father i believed, i believed u always even in darkness ,lord i need light lord get me ou of such darkness i am struggling through ,bless me Jesus ,please don’t let my faith down ,i cant bear such pain lord ,since 6 years i am struggling feeling and living very lonely, now i feel i am totally losing my patience ,losing my confidence on myself, feeling so depressed ,unable o console myself now, lord each and every word i have writing in this prayer request is with my tears ,lord please come into my life ,change my miserable life, wipe my tears ,lord Jesus your child need u always, your child need your blessings and miracles ,please shower a few drops of mercy from heaven and bless me with good health, peace and happiness forever, lord reunite my family with my parents and home, lord have mercy on us, i beg in front of u my lord to please grant my prayers, to please hear my cry ,to please hear my heart ache and change my miserable life, lord Jesus release me from all the tensions and stress bothering me, brother please please pray for me , and bless me with good health and happiness forever ,i beg this, i pray this in Jesus name amen.

  • jassi

    please pray for me ,lord jesus as u are aware of everything,lord jesus please i beg u to please stop testing my patiencee,lord i am depressing every moment ,cant express my pain in words,lord i am crying due to my loneliness, no ray of hope is left lord, it seems everythig is impossible, totally depressed ,i am unable to bear this pain my lord,help your child lord please come into my life lord, hear my hearache,lord please please hold me, heal me, strengthen me lord, i am totally broken lord, i cant console myself, since years i am praying writing many prayer request continuosly , even i never saw any positive response from my dad but i believe u lord, i always believed u , i accepted u ,u are my god father ,lord now i lost my patience, i lost my strength,many things hurting me,i have no strength to console myself, everything seems impossible lord ,but i know nothing is impossible for u,lord i beg u please get me out of this darkness, please lord your child need u,your child need ur blessings ,lord please do miracle for me ,you are a miracle performer,lord please soften my dad’s heart now,lord show me your power of miracle lord please please please i beg in front of u please hear my cry and grant my prayers,let my dad talk to me,let my dad allow me and my child to home, lord only your miracle can change my dad,lord please strengthen my mom to talk about me with my dad and make him convince to accept us,lord jesus please dont despise my petitions please,your child is totally tired ,lord please do miracle now ,pour a few drops of mercy and bless me lord,lord please please wipe my tears ,change my miserable life into happier, bless me and my family with good health peace and happiness forever lord,lord bless me and my child with my parents love and shelter,lord please reunite us with my parents and home ,lord i beg this, i pray this in your precious name amen


    i Had a severe car accident with very severe NECK injury.

    i AM ask for immediateLY and completely recovery.

  • jassi

    Please pray for us,lord jesus as u are aware of everything, everything happened infront of u,lord jesus please i am desperately in need of miracle,i sens some messages to dad and asked him to forgive me ,lord jesus please i tried my best with lot of hopes on you, i tried my best to get forgiveness from my dad ,lord now please soften my dad heart ,change him ,stregthen him to forgive me ,please lord i beg u that he should discuss positively about this with my mother now ,lord jesus i strongly feel u stregthen me to do so,u gave me such strength to contact him through messages,lord please do miracle now and reunite us,lord jesus hold me now please,lord do miracle for me and let him reply to my message positively ,lord jesus each and every second i am praying u,please dont let my faith down.please lord come into my dad life ,please tell him to forgive me and accept us,lordjesus i beg u please i kept all my hopes and faith on your ffet mylord,u only can do miracle ,nothing is impossible to you please help me my father ,bless me with peace and happiness,get me out of loneliness,change my miserable life into happier,please lord wipe my tears ,lord jesus reunite me and my child with my parents and home ,i beg this,i pray this in jesus name amen.