Believe it or Not, Tom Fox has risen to the position of editor of the Reporter

Here is Ed Peters, gleefully taking apart a deeply ignorant and silly rant by Fox. Doesn’t NCR have an editor? The thing is full of howlers and Peter finds every one. An embarrassment indeed.

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  • Danielle

    That was funny! Maybe more than it should have been, but it’s late. DH is going to the Cathedral in Seattle for Mass tomorrow, I’ll have to see what he says about the Archbishop. But it’ll have to be a secret meeting when he tells me! (Because there are no secret meetings, ever, not even on the playground! Oops, the kindergarteners forgot to publish their recess minutes in the bulletin!!!)

  • Thinkling

    The remarkable thing here is that usually Dr. Peters writes in a very cerebral and technical, dare I say lawyerly, way. But his smackdown makes Fr. Z or Michael Voris sound like a Morton Thiokol O-ring manual. Shows how insane the Fox piece must be to garner this reaction.

    • Ed Peters

      Color me…blushing. :) edp.

  • Tom K.

    If people don’t care about truth, why would they care about facts?

  • FW Ken

    The absent chair was my favorite.

  • Ronald King

    What are the dispositions of Tom Fox and Ed Peters which influenced each to write their articles? I do not find this amusing, rather, it is more of the same type of attacks which promote friction and division.