Compare and Contrast

A reader writes:

Savor .the ongoing silence about Obama’s ongoing Drone War against civilians, including children, in Pakistan right now, as opposed to what will be the incessant chatter about Cardinal Bergoglio’s imaginary role in the Dirty War in Argentina forty years ago. The Pope of Roman Catholics must be raked over coals, but their own God-Emperor Barack must be shielded from any kind of scrutiny at all.


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  • ivan_the_mad

    It’ll be a backhanded compliment in one sense; Francis actually has principles against which the spurious bomb-charge of hypocrisy will be lobbed.

  • Laura Lowder

    Mary O’Grady actually wrote about this in the WSJ yesterday. It’s a deliberate smear campaign, but of course the eejits in the U.S. will jump up and down and get distracted as easily as a toddler with a new toy.

  • Mike

    And you’re surprised why? Does anybody remember Benghazi and the death of a US amb.? Nope, move along people nothing to see here. Hey, look over there, there’s a war on women going on didn’t ya know?

    It’s getting surreal in the US.