I like this

A reader over at the Register relates this anecdote:

We heard Sen. Rick Santorum speak an an event recently.He related how he & his family were visiting the Vatican & were ceremoniously ushered up to the very front during an audience with the pope. The Italian bishop who directed the Sanotorums to come forward kept pointing to the senator saying:”Important man, inportant man.” Sen. Santorum was kind of embarrassed & surprised that his status as a US senator had so much recognition in Rome.Finally when he, his wife & children were led up to the place of honor, the bishop turned to Sen. Santorum & pointed to the children & again said “Important man.”
The Santorums were the only ones present who’d brought their children along.That’s what was important about the senator-he was a father of a large family.The bishop likely had no idea he was a politician.
The family is the foundation of society.

Dear Lefty Tribalist Reader: Restrain, if possible, your nearly ungovernable impulse to shout something at the Pavlovian stimulus “Santorum”. Instead, grasp the actual import of the story. Consider it a Lenten exercise. Thank you.

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  • http://Www.SaintLouisAcupuncture.com Dr. Eric

    That makes our local mailman, and father of one of my past receptionists, a very important man, he had ten children.

  • Bob

    How come the bishop wasn’t pointing at Santorm’s wife saying “important woman”?
    Just wondering.

    • Subsistent

      Maybe because the bishop considered Santorm’s wife an adult, not a child.
      Just speculating.

    • Barbara

      Wow. Way to take a sweet story and make the standard American mistake of assuming an offense.

    • Molly

      You know you’re so right. I get so offended when someone thinks the man I chose to marry is important. How dare they.

    • Allan

      Are you really that petty a man, Bob, or do you just play one on the internet?

  • ivan_the_mad

    That is a sweet story indeed.

  • Andrew

    A very nice story for the Solemnity of St. Joseph.

  • Seamus

    The bishop was hitting on Santorum, irrestistable in his pastel fashion vest. What would Italy know of a fashion vest? Killera vesta!

  • Heather Price

    Have you heard Dr. Janet Smith talk about her trip to Europe with a friend, who happened to be a mother of 9? It was, “Dr. Smith, and her friend the mother of NINE!” Many smiles, nods, congratulations, and repeated, “Nine!”
    Pretty dang cool.

  • Bob

    Petty? Look, it was Mrs. Santorum who birthed the children and did most of the day to day childrearing while Rick was off being a fabulous Senator. Of course dads are important, and I’m not trying to start WWIII here, but am I really the only one who thinks its just a tiny bit peculiar that someone would look at a big family and then point to the dad, alone, and say “important man”? I mean, hello?

    • Kristen inDallas

      Important men only marry important women and together they bear important children. It’s all implied.
      The thing that apparently wasn’t implied (for you anyhow) was that the whole point of this anectdote is to relay Santorum’s error in thinking he was important for being a senator, rather than important for being a father. The story/joke doesn’t work if told as though his wife was the one singled out. Please reread without the entrenched agenda. It’s a cute story.
      A feminist female, confident enough in my femininity to omit the act of scanning everything I read for gendereed pronouns before forming an opinion.

      • Carol Weinstock

        AMEN, Kristen. I get was starting to think there was something wrong with me. Apparently, I shouldn’t feel so joyful or liberated in my life as a Catholic woman.

    • Molly

      Sadly enough, no, you’re not the only one.

    • Mark Shea

      Sad to see you could govern that ungovernable impulse just this once. Must. Find. Excuse. To. Hate. Santorum!

      • Bob

        Not fair. I did not say anything about Santorum. It’s not his fault he was singled out by the bishop.

        • Mark Shea

          See. Here’s the thing. It’s an anecdote. A true story told in order to make a point. The point, in this case, is “generous opennes to life is more important than the trappings of high office”. To set up that punchline, you need to have somebody who bears the trappings of high office be the object of seeming obsequies. If it’s his wife and nobody has ever heard of her, the punch line makes no sense. Humor-enabled people get that. Pissy persnickety humor-impaired people looking for an excuse to bitch act like you.

  • Bob

    Yes. I get that. I get that it was a culture-of-life anecdote. As such, it works nicely. Stipulated.
    That’s why I’m not criticizing Santorum, and never was.
    I’m criticizing the bishop. Did the bishop know at the time he made the remark that he was authoring an anecdote for a future Rick Santorum Culture of Life speech?
    If not, then it turns out to be one of those anecdotes that works nicely to illustrate not just Santorum’s point, but a different point, too, about the reflexive baked-in sexism endemic to many old men.
    Again, NOT a Santorum criticism.

    • Mark Shea

      Yeah. But see, the story doesn’t say what the bishop said to her, because it’s not germane to the anecdote, not because he didn’t say anything to her. Your bitchy complaint is on the order of the Scripture scholar who claims “Jesus never laughed” because Scripture doesn’t record him laughing. You are bound and determined to draw the moral “SEXISM” from an anecdote, not because we know the bishop was sexist or that he said nothing to or about Mrs. Santorum, but because you come to the anecdote locked and loaded to bitch about sexism. Try growing a sense of humor.