If you are interested in screenwriting…

…check thou this out:


Your summer begins with an amazing 3-Day Retreat in beautiful Malibu, CA that is filled with high-level discussions and foundational lectures on the intersection of faith and film and its impact on culture.  Next, you move on to challenging and practical Workshops and a coveted Internships or Mentorships Get the skill-set and the mind-set you need to succeed in Hollywood.  

THE WRITING FOR FILM & TELEVISION PROGRAM is a series of intensive lectures, workshops and small group meetings focused on the craft of screenwriting, coupled with rigorous writing exercises and individualized, weekly feedback on your work from a Hollywood professional. Curriculum highlights include: structure, character, dialogue, genre and the spiritual journey of a writer.  For those interested in writing for television, an additional TV Track is offered.


offers a comprehensive overview of the entertainment industry, access to established, Hollywood professionals and highly coveted internships that are designed for aspiring producers, executives, agents, managers, attorneys and financiers.  Curriculum highlights include: film-finance, creative development, production, marketing & distribution and the spiritual journey of a producer.

Come and learn how to excel at your craft, deepen your faith and connect to an authentic community of Christians pursuing careers in the mainstream entertainment industry!

Don’t wait! Apply today because slots are filing up. Applications are due April 1st, 2013 ($50 application fee), but get yours in right away to reserve your spot.

Want more information?

  • Visit our website and  watch a short video w/ more information on our acclaimed Summer Programs and see clips from projects from Act One faculty and alumni.
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