Praise report and prayer request

A reader writes:

I wrote a bit ago about our pastor, Father Patrick, who had left the parish for cancer treatments. I asked for prayers on his behalf and on behalf of our parish.

I am writing now with an update, which you may post as long as you anonymize it — Father Patrick is a great homilist, humble and with a self-depracating sense of humor. He gets embarrassed by accolades.

The news is excellent, and deserving all our praise and thanksgiving to God. Father Patrick not only completed a successful course of cancer treatment and is in remission… but finished EARLY because his doctor was surprised to find the reason for treatment had vanished away.

Today, he is on the patio after all the Masses, getting hugs and hearty handshakes and likely overtaxing his immune system!

Please thank all your prayer warriors for their hard work on Father Patrick’s behalf, and thank you for posting about Father Patrick.

Father, thank you through our Lord Jesus for this healing. Bless him with complete healing and bless all who helped him and supported him through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, thank you for your intercession.

A reader writes:

I have a prayer request, if you would be so kind as to post it. My father has had two significant bouts with cancer and some exhaustive chemotherapy over the last few years. He is undergoing an experimental regimen now because he’s had a recurrence in some lymph nodes in his leg. Unfortunately, he has an infection now and is on an intense course of antibiotics. Because of that, he had to miss this week’s chemo session. If he misses any more, he’ll be dropped from the program. Please pray that his infection clears up quickly and that he can get back to his chemo treatments. Thank you.

Father, clear up this infection and help him to make his chemo regimen. Grant him complete healing, his caregivers wisdom, skill, understanding, knowledge, and compassion, and all who love him grace, strength, and peace through you Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, St. Luke and St. Peregrine, pray for him.

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