Prayer request

A reader writes:

Please ask your readers to pray for Tim, a 21 year old son of good friends of ours, who was involved in a serious snowmobiling accident and has some broken ribs, a fractured spine, and serious internal bleeding.  They did an angioplasty (apparently successful) to save his spleen, and now they are going hunting for the source of the internal bleeding.  It’s touch and go, so prayers are very appreciated.

Father, hear our prayer for Tim’s complete healing.  Give grace, wisdom, compassion, skill, and knowledge to his caregivers and grace, peace, and strength to all who love him.  Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for him.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

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Prayer Request and Work of Mercy
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Baltimore Prayer Request
  • Dr. Eric

    I offer my prayers through the intercession of the Unmercenary Physicians.

  • Clara

    Please pray for my new job that I can cope with all the duties (would not be given heavy tasks as in my previous job which was in high aged care facility). I have Lupus (arthritis and anaemia) conditions. May God bless all my work performances so that I would be successfully gone through my 3 months’ probation period. In addition please pray for my husband who has a serious stress problem at work as a network engineering as there is no proper training provided and as a result often elevates his blood sugar level and high blood pressure. He hopes to get an easier thinking/more suitable job because of his age factor (hard to learn things).

    Please also pray for our ongoing health and well-being.

    Thank you God and thank you to all who are praying for us. May God bless all of us, amen.

  • michelle m triska

    pray god heals my physical body of a hernia, hiatul, gas patterns with a unknown cause, heals my gallbladder problems, and gallbladder. and somebody rescues me from psychiatry heals my fatigue, damage to my stomach causing it to produce gas. heals my gallbladder disease. all from psychiatry

  • Kristen

    I need prayer for strength,God moving positively in my life and strengthening the inner Christ of me.

    I need prayer that the person who I am in HIM finally completely blossoms and will not shake or break away.

    Financial blessings would be most welcome too.