Prayer Requests and Praise Report

A reader writes:

Can you post a prayer request for this man? The earth opened and swallowed his house. Sinkholes. One more reason, along with hurricanes, alligators, hordes of thirsty mosquitos, even in January, and the sheer number of general and flag officers in Tampastan, to flee from this state and not look back. (No offense, Confederate Papist – the locals are fine people – but I’ll take a blizzard in a state that groks snow removal any day, over waking up buried.)

In the meantime, Holy Mother of the Lord, please intercede for this guy, his family, and the rescue workers trying to find him.

Father, hear our prayer for his rescue and restoration through our Lord Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, pray for him and all who love him.

Another reader writes:

I am so happy to report that the young woman I wrote to you about in November and December of last year, who was ill with a hematological cancer and pregnant, and being heavily encouraged to terminate her pregnancy – and then “got to” keep the child at the last minute – has been safely delivered of a little son at 32 weeks. He’s little and premature (it was planned delivery), so he’s in the NICU, but the procedure was uncomplicated and both are well under the circumstances, praise God!

If the readership would be so kind as to continue to pray for the mother, as she continues into the next phase of her treatment, and the baby, that he will grow big and strong and healthy, and all their family – and for chemo-families everywhere.

Father, thank you for this safe delivery. Bring mom to complete healing and help baby grow up big and strong through Christ our Lord! Mother Mary, pray for them!

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  • S. Murphy

    It turns out that it wasn’t even the whole house – it’s been condemned, naturally – but the sinkhole opened in the guy’s bedroom, like the lurid climax of a Chick tract, while the house appears deceptively intact from the outside.
    Still praying for this man, his family, and the others you’ve posted in the last couple of days.

  • MtMama

    And whose idea was it to build a Catholic university and town in that god-forsaken swamp land?