Two Urgent Prayer Requests

A reader writes:

My sister is in the ER miscarrying her first pregnancy as I write this. She is 42. Modern medicine has given her four weeks to look forward to this, with dread. She and her husband can use prayers for healing and trust in God’s providence. They want to have children in the future, but she is in her own Gethsemane, spiritually, as she feels like no prayers to this point have been answered.

Father, hear our prayer for the repose of this child’s soul, and for complete healing and consolation for this mother and her husband. We ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen. Mother Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for them.

Another reader writes:

I wrote you last April about my friend’s little girl diagnosed with Trisomy 18. She has been doing so well and is coming up on her first birthday on April 17th. Her family has received the terrible news that Nora’s heart may not be able to support her growing body. Please as your prayer warriors to pray for yet another miracle. This child has been a witness to the world of God’s power and the unique dignity each life holds. Updates can be found on the blog her mother started while she was pregnant with Nora after she discovered the “incompatible with life” diagnosis. Thank you so much.

Father, hear our prayer for a miracle of healing for Nora through your Son Jesus Christ. Give skill, compassion, grace, and knowledge to her caregivers and grace, peace, strength and faith in you to all who love her. Mother Mary and St. Luke, and Father Joseph Fulton, pray for them. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer Request
Prayer Request
Prayer Request
A reader urgently asks for help
  • priest’s wife (@byzcathwife)

    to first reader- later when your sister is feeling better and if she hopes to ‘try again’- make sure she DEMANDS a prescription for progesterone from her doctor that she can fill right when she gets a positive pregnancy test- hopefully by one week. The older we get, the more we need hormonal help (even if the official levels are ok)- this support helped me have my last two children

    • KML

      Amen. I know many women whose babies have been saved by this, but OBs are often reluctant to pursue this diagnosis.

      Prayers for both of these families as they face these struggles.

  • Joachim

    Prayers for you all. Amen.

  • bob cratchit

    My prayers for you during this time

  • Molly

    To request #1: When they are feeling better and words help more tell them that they can still have a spiritual relationship with their child. After my miscarriage my Catholic counselor explained that my baby was in Heaven and therefore was a member of the Communion of Saints. I named him, and I pray with him throughout the day, and ask him to pray for me often. He knows me, and I know him. His dad feels the same way, and we often talk to our son about his brother in Heaven. As sad as I was, I wouldn’t trade the blessings that I know that have come to our family as a direct result of my little one’s prayers. And as cliche as it sounds, I wouldn’t for a second want him here because of what I know about where he is. But after the healing happened, I very much felt that we were a family of four, in every way possible. As much as they miss their child, they have their very own saint now. Her body helped make this baby, gave it life and gave it the chance to be in Heaven with God for eternity. She got to cooperate in that, a human being is now happy in Heaven with God forever, because of her willingness to be open to life.

  • Erin Pascal

    It breaks my heart hearing these sad news. My prayers are for you. I pray for healing, recovery and blessings to come. Don’t forget to pray. May God bless you!

  • Rebecca Ann Chaudoin

    Please pray for me, I recently lost my mom due to stage four cancer on October 02, 2012 . I am losted without my mom don’t feel like going anywhere or doing anything dont have many friends . Please pray that one day I will get married and have a support of family and pray that I can make it as a singer have the voice and talent to follow my dream.