A few days ago I said the big winner of the gay “marriage” debate will be Caesar

You can read about that here.

Now comes Michael Flynn to link to some of the plans Caesar (in union with Mammon) has for breeding Lower Orders once an atomized society has lost the capacity to resist due to the destruction of the family.  Here, for instance, is a quote from one of the Huxleyan gods, looking forward to a whole breeding stock he can… do things to:

The buzzword among cognoscenti is “post-person,” defined in a much-cited 2009 Philosophy and Public Affairs paper by tenured Duke professor Allen Buchanan, as those “who would have a higher moral status than that possessed by normal human beings” (emphasis original). Buchanan admits crafting chromosomal übermenschen “might be profoundly troubling from the perspective of the unenhanced (the mere persons) who would no longer enjoy the highest moral status, as they did when there were only persons and nonpersons (‘lower animals’).”

“Divide and conquer” is the current strategy of hell, posing as “freedom from archaic morality” but boiling down to the dissolution of all social bonds in the acid bath of relativism.  Once that is finished, then the state and the corporation move in to do… whatever the hell they want.  You got a problem with that?  Well, pal, in the post-Christian pagan world, the strong do as they like and the weak suffer what they must. Your fetish about “personal freedom” and “consent” was cute back in the Teens when people went on about the sort of thing. But our civilization has moved past all that sentimental crap about freedom and dignity. Now you do as you are told and like it. And pretty soon, our genetic engineering programs will make sure that your kind is incapable of questioning or disliking it.

O brave new world, that has such people in’t!

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  • Sigh. Ultimately your thesis fails on one point. Christianity is strong which is how we got the whip hand in the first place. The cleanup of the pagan interregnum will be messy and probably painful but please don’t just assume we will lose. We won’t.