Prayer Request

A reader writes:

Please pray for my friend, who is falling further and further away from the Church in which she was baptized and confirmed, and is to be re-baptized today in some Protestant parish.

Please pray for her. And if you deem it wise, might you ask your minions to pray for her?

Father, hear our prayer that as this woman seeks to be a disciple of Jesus Christ that you lead her back to the fullness of revelation in your Holy Church. Mother Mary and Blessed Cardinal Newman, pray for her. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

Prayer Request
Prayer Request
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A reader urgently asks for help
  • Therese

    It seems we all know people–including relatives–struggling in this way. May God draw her back to the One True Faith.

  • Lint Hatcher

    Don’t give up hope. My wife left the Church for Protestant environs when she was in college, but years later after she married me (an Evangelical Protestant) we began wondering which denomination we really belonged in. As our search began, she suggested, “How about Catholicism?” In the end, my wife returned to the Church, and a year or so later — after some prayer, study, and suffering — I was also received into the Church. One of the things she discovered during her years as a Protestant was that she always missed the Eucharist.

  • Geoffrey

    My prayers go out to you. And please take comfort: there are far worse things to fall away into than Evangelical Protestantism. At least she still loves Jesus, respects the Bible, and believes in God. At the end of the day, that’s not a bad run. She’ll probably become a better disciple than most Catholics will this side of Heaven, even if she doesn’t return to the Catholic Church before reaching the Pearly Gates.

    I mean, in this culture, hearing about a Catholic becoming an Evangelical Protestant is almost good news! Sure, we’ve got all the springs of the fulness of the truth, yada yada yada, but not a whole lot of people are drinking from them. I’d rather a person go downstream to drink where the water may not be as clear than to have them die of thirst. You know?

    And let’s be honest with ourselves: a great portion of Catholics haven’t got a clue what Christianity, at its core, is really about: Jesus died to forgive our sins, fill us with grace, conquer death, and reveal the way of self-sacrificial love as the only sure path to happiness and Heaven. Most Evangelicals, despite their muddleheaded peripheral ideas, do grasp this central truth of our Faith.

  • Becca

    The Lord wants her back the most. Jesus, we trust in you. :)