Tom Brokaw Declines to be Spaniel of Ruling Class

Bought and paid for whores in state-run media yip and yap in protest.

How does Caesar tame the “watchdogs”? Throw them food, of course.

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  • Kirt Higdon

    When these ruling class hacks, flacks, and has-beens reach a certain age and are retired, they can afford to tell the truth. No one is going to really punish them for it and they don’t have a job to lose. They even may be able to sell a book or two – note McNamara and Carter. The genuinely courageous are people like Phil Donahue and Ashley Banfield, who were fired by supposedly liberal NBC/MSNBC for the crime of being prematurely right about what a travesty the US war against Iraq was.

    • Mike

      Really? A travesty? Have you ever spoken to the hundreds of thousands of Shiite and Kurds who were freed from the rape rooms by Bush? I know it is controversial but a travesty? Come on. Iraq is stable and full civil war has not broken out. There is even money pouring into the country. Seriously, it’s popular to say it was a mistake (and according to Catholic doctrine was unjust I concede) but a travesty? No way. Iraq is a democracy and an ally of the states and in 30 years will be fine.

      • Kirt Higdon

        Clearly you haven’t been following the news from Iraq. The democracy there is an authortarian Iran style Shia theocracy which is currently disintegrating rapidly with the Shia and the Kurds at each others throats even while both fight against the Al Qaeda-led Sunnis. There are near daily bombings and other massacres which are orders of magnitude worse than the Boston marathon massacre. Maybe Iraq will be fine in 30 years, but if so it won’t be thanks to the US invasion. Or maybe Iraq won’t even exist in 30 years.

  • Bryan

    He had me right until “….that’s not what I’m talking about–I mean Claire Danes is a big deal.” Then, I admit, I let out a good hearty laugh.

    But seriously, what a refreshing perspective. It’s sad that the points Brokaw makes even need to be said or discussed, really.