Good. More please.

Vatican announcement: Disgraced Cardinal O’Brien leaving Scotland for “penance and prayer”…

Memo for those of you saying, “Oh yeah?  Why doesn’t the Vatican *jail* him?”

See. there’s this thing called “civil law”. We laity do the jailing thing. And we chose not to. That’s not Rome’s job, particularly with foreigners.  And the Church’s job is to emphasize the “mercy for sinners” thing.  Those who who would like the Church to be transformed into the Instrument of God’s Avenging Rage on Sinful Man should really reconsider what they hope to have happen to them the next time they enter a confessional.  This is one of the reasons I am mortally grateful that the Church, for all her  faults, is not run by polling combox Catholics on who needs to be kicked out, punished, and put to death this week.

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