How I love Marc Barnes

Here he is, being fantastic, as is his custom:

“I used to call myself a conservative Catholic, because there’s only so many times a man can hear Nancy Pelosi say that her “Catholic faith” urges her to support abortion before he’s flipping tables, setting himself on fire, and otherwise striving to make a distinction between what Pelosi understands of the Catholic faith and what he knows it to be. Similarly, I am often tempted to call myself a liberal Catholic in reaction to those who frame Catholicism as a branch of the Republican party, a defender of capitalism, the death penalty, nuclear bombs, and traditional American values (which, one assumes, does not include lynching Catholics.)”

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  • ForsythiaTheMariner

    Yes, he’s a great young talent.

  • Thinkling

    The labels ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ have been casting lots for the garments of the Church for nearly a century. A Lewisian pair of lies.

    • Patrick J Loveless

      Zactly. Conservatives and liberals both have their advantages – and their disadvantages. To side with either as they currently stand would be to trade Truth for a half-truth, freedom from lies for a lie.

      My political stance is “Catholic”. It is the only thing that sufficiently describes my politic.

  • Ben @ 2CM

    Labels are words and words are how we express ideas (or distinctions),
    so we will always have labels and this can be good. Why use the label of “Catholic”?
    Why not just say “Christian” (nuff-said). There is a reason and it’s important.

  • tz1

    Except for “capitalism” I would generally agree. By “capitalism”, do you mean property rights and the free market and just results (including the results of indolence?), or do you mean the “crony capitalism” which pervades the west?

    It is still robbery when you appoint someone and put a badge on them and they have the power to point a gun at you and imprison you if you don’t surrender your money. Adding a proxy doesn’t help. Perhaps we should arm nuns and send them out to rob – it would eliminate the middleman and be more honest and clear what is going on.