If this is true, Obama’s IRS is even more way the hell out of line than it first appeared

Catholic Prof Who Spoke Against the Dear Leader Says She Was Harrassed by the IRS with Demands to Know Who Was Paying Her

Cuz this is all about National Security and fighting terror–or something.

Nobody cares about Catholic profs, of course. For one thing, they’re Catholic and so obviously have it coming. Who even *knows* what those fetus-obsessed cracker worshippers are doing in their weird secret rituals?

But if Obama manages to provoke the ire of the press with his arrogance and incompetence, then it might be katy-bar-the-door. The MSM might even take an interest in Dr. Hendershott’s plight. They are good at faking dudgeon when it suits them, even if it serves a Catholic prolifer.

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