May I Just Take This Moment to Say…

Jackie Chan is one of the greatest geniuses since Chaplin or Keaton.

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  • Andy, Bad Person

    I heard Jackie Chan describe in an interview that he doesn’t like violent movies and doesn’t like to make violent movies. I’ve watched his martial arts films with an eye for this, and realized that he’s brilliant. The above clip, while a fight scene, isn’t very violent at all. It’s slapstick.

  • Mark R

    Yes. Like Chaplin, he just uses what’s around him.

  • Jon W

    Love it. Jackie’s the best.

  • Jason C.

    That was brilliant.

  • ivan_the_mad


  • Matt

    He stated in an interview that his biggest influences were Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd.

  • Archaeopteryx

    I love Jackie Chan’s films.

    That is indeed a brilliant scene. Unfortunately the movie it’s in, “Myth,” isn’t very good, and for a doubly disappointing reason. “Myth” is two completely different and very interesting movies that somehow got squashed together and have to share screen time to the detriment of both.

    There’s the part with the scene above, the goofy adventures of Jackie’s archaeologist character, and then there’s the serious tragic romance (This second plot line is basically a Jet Li film that Jackie somehow ended up starring in. And he makes it work!) set in medieval China part. Then they’re connected with a rather clumsy reincarnation plot and the whole thing ends up in some weird anti-gravity cavern full of people in magic suspended animation that just came completely out of nowhere, followed by an ending that makes ask why they even bothered with the reincarnation stuff.

    I’d much rather have had the two separate movies.