Prayer Request

A reader writes:

It seems like all I do lately is ask for prayers, and here I am again.  My husband was asked to leave his job at the end of July, apparently under the “last in, first out” justification; and wouldn’t you know it, I’m unexpectedly pregnant. We could really use some help now.  Any kind of help, I’m not picky.  Thank you.

Father, hear our prayer that her husband swiftly finds good work at a living wage and that they have a safe, healthy delivery for their baby, who grows up to be a saint!  Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for them!  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

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  • Clare Krishan

    Praying in PA. In our area there is a great peer group support for those seeking employment because they are out of work or under employed called Joseph’s People

    Here’s a document on tips to keep the family resources covering as much as possible if things get tight (benefits valid on PA, elsewhere you may have to do the research yourself):

    Staying connected with his networked peers is VERY important. Here’s a tip on collecting copies ASAP of his records before he leaves from a group of former employees fondly calling themselves “alumni”

    Despondency can be tough, and anxiety even more so, but by keeping a plan of action for the days and weeks ahead its possible to keep the pace of life ticking along actively. Finding a new job becomes his job. But volunteering in one’s spare time is a good way to keep connected, retirement homes can always use folks with interesting skills to give talks to their residents or coach them in learning the basics of email, digital photography and so on if that is where his professional interests would overlap?

  • Anita

    We’ve been there – job loss, surprise baby – and, yes, it is difficult. I’m praying for a quick return to employment for your husband, and a happy, healthy pregnancy for you. By the way, I requested prayer from Mark’s blog readers a few years back when my husband was laid off again because his company decided to outsource their IT work, and he soon picked up a nice position that has worked well for our family needs. I’m glad that you reached out with your prayer request. I will be happy to pray for you!