Prayer Request

A reader writes:

Could you ask prayers for a fairly recently arrived family in our parish who lost a 2 year old daughter who drowned in their own swimming pool a couple of days ago.

Father, hear our prayer that this little one be in your arms for all eternity.  Grant grace, peace, strength and consolation and hope in you through Christ crucified and risen.  Mother Mary, pray for this child and all who love her.

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  • ivan_the_mad


  • Dr. Eric

    Requiescat in pace.

  • Jennifer Anzalone

    Please share with the grieving parents that they are now the parents of a saint. She has eternally arrived and joyfully awaits them. Her work is finished. Theirs may be just beginning. They can ask her (now a saint) to pray for them. I am asking my Gabriel to pray for them as well.

    Remind them that she is not dead. She lives.

    May God bless them with great faith in such a time.

  • AlanH


    Can you please forward to these parents, (through your reader) the message to these parents that Alan & Michele are praying particularly for them. We lost our 3 year son in a similar manner.

    • Jennifer Anzalone

      I’m sorry for your loss, Alan and Michele. Our loss is similar as well. I pray God has blessed you with His peace.

  • Clare Krishan

    Praying in PA