Four Recordings of Chesterton

What I love about Chesterton, particularly in the Kipling Tribute recording, is that he giggles at his own jokes. There’s a childlike quality to that I find unutterably fetching.

Don't Mince Words, GKC. What Do You *Really* Think?
Tom Kreitzberg has formulated Spong's Law of Theophysical Asininity
The Atlantic has a piece calling for Chesterton's canonization
You Can Never Have Too Many Chesterton Sites
  • Daniel Collins

    Every time I listen to this I am taken aback. I expect a large booming voice to roar merrily from that man. His high tenor almost feels purposefully flippant and mischievous.

  • KyPerson

    Chesterton has a very nice voice, very listenable. I am kind of surprised that for such a public man, there are no more videos of him.