What Government of, by, and for the People Looks Like

People in an Iowa city vote to ban red light cameras, drones, and license plate readers. We can so no to a state of perpetual surveillance by Big Brother.

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  • Noah Doyle

    Good for them!

    (On consideration, I can see one good use for drones by police – vehicle pursuits.)

  • Kelly

    It’s a rare day when Iowa City’s political action is so good. They’ve got my signature, and eventually my vote!

  • moseynon

    A local news article casts some cold water on the story.

    A citizen petition to adopt this law was successful. This meant that the city council either had to pass the law, or else put the law up for a public vote. The city council chose to pass the law, because doing so gives them the chance to repeal it two years from now. A majority of council members, and key city employees, favor the use of red light cameras.


    So the immediate battle has been won, but the war is not over in Iowa CIty.