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The Umpteenth Iteration of “You Made ..."

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  • Joseph

    I’m finding it harder and harder to laugh at this stuff. It’s friggin’ real people. We laugh at the satires while we sink further and further into the despotism they portray. The USA is doomed.

    • Rachel

      I know its difficult to laugh at but sometimes satire is one of the few outlets we have to get the anger out. I think we need more satire. There isn’t nearly enough. It is sometimes through the clown that the truth gets out ala Shakespeare’s fools especially the least funny but also the most truthful, the one in King Lear who through his satirical jests told the truth of King Lear’s tragic situation. You are correct that we are sinking into a despotic state and that the USA is doomed but honestly, sometimes you have to angrily laugh at what is going on or we will go crazy, become depressed, etc. I suppose it helps as a coping mechanism.

    • The part I’m laughing at is the people who are so technologically clueless that they don’t realize this has been going on since probably the Carter administration at the latest. I’ve known about it ever since I took a networking course in college where we learned to do it.

      • P.S. – That includes President Obama who claims “we’re only looking at who you talk to, not listening to your phone conversations” as if it isn’t a simple database lookup on the NSA server after getting a warrant to retrieve the conversation.

      • Joseph

        That’s the part I’m not laughing about. If you said anything about this for the last several decades you were simply excused as a tin foil hat wearing fool. But, you’re right. It’s been going on in different ways for much longer than we’d like to admit. The only game changer is the advance in technology that allows for much more automation of gathering this massive amount of clean data tuat exists in the digital data pool… and, ironically, it’s that same technology that made the *leak* possible in the first place. Years of the cries of so-called conspiracy theorists are now justified… until the hole is plugged and people get back to their comfy couches, “Friends” re-runs, and air conditioning.

  • Pavel Chichikov


    While the dying fighters
    bleed to death all over

    In Syria,

    A heavy bee hangs
    swaying on a stalk of clover

    In the sunny garden

    Contemplate serenely
    the size and scale of it

    The little to the

    And if some grave misfortune
    troubles you a bit

    Feed it to the pigs

    For nothing is a
    bother or too serious

    Until it reaches
    where you are

    There may be
    spreading and malignant crisis

    But it is afternoon
    and it is far

    But I say watch and
    listen if you come awake

    From your late June

    You may think a false
    alarm is only a mistake

    But the strong and
    fearless weep


    19, 2013