Atheists Continue to Behave Like Napoleon Dynamite with a Mean Streak

Demand Star of David be struck off Holocaust memorial. Because Hitler killed six million people due to his distaste for their bagels and cream cheese.

It’s not that evangelical atheists who back stuff like this are anti-semites, I think. It’s that they are tone deaf, socially maladroit enemies of the entire human race. It’s a good thing they have such a hard time getting a date because I’d pity their children.

Guys: Listen to Phil Plait.

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I don’t believe for a second…

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  • Stu

    Well, I guess there won’t be too many atheists at the next Roger Waters concert.

  • Jeffrey Liss

    Great line: “tone deaf, socially maladroit enemies of the entire human race.” Might have to steal that 😛

  • MarylandBill

    Don’t they realize that the Star of David is as much a symbol of Zionism and secular Judaism as it is of the religion itself?

  • PalaceGuard

    Based on some of the blog comments from the link you gave, it would seem that the root cause of atheism is male circumcision. Any stats on that?