Our Lady of Guadalupe Blasphemed

Death toll in reaction stands at 0 and doubling daily.  Artists boldly proclaim their raw courage.  All Abrahamic religions declared to be indistinguishable.

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  • moseynon

    The Santa Fe Reporter is an alt-weekly newspaper, so it strives to be hip and edgy and all that.

    In his letter of protest, Fr. Adam Lee Ortega y Ortiz explains the offensiveness of the image which the SFR used.

    “The cover of your magazine, Summer Guide 2013, during this very holy
    time, honoring our city’s history, depicted not La Conquistadora, but
    rather an image of the Virgin clad in a two-piece bathing suit, drinking
    a margarita. If your intent was to in effect slap Catholics across the
    face, by putting forth this public depiction of Our Lady as a party
    girl, during the very week that we honor her as our patroness, then I
    can only say that from my perspective, you succeeded.”


    If you follow the link, you can read the rest of his letter, as well as additional letters of protest.

  • jcb

    Ah, fostering honest discussion. It’s impressive how something can be meaningless, yet at the same time all-excusing.

  • Alister Crowe

    When I visited MONA in Hobart, Tasmania (The island off the bottom of Australia) I saw the Most Offensive Artwork Ever, a picture of Our Lady made of cutouts from porn magazines and featuring animal dung (Which is apparently an ongoing theme from the artist and therefore not actually significant in itself).

    I somehow failed to be offended by something that looked to be brewed up by an eighteen-year-old fine arts student high on weed and paint fumes, filled with half-formed anger at the world and out to offend someone. It was, simply, poor art.

    I was more offended by the fact that someone stuck an electric motor in the middle of a circular canvas, splashed it with paint, and flogged the whole assembly off for half a million dollars: I’m in the wrong industry!