Ross Douthat vs. MSNBC

In one corner, Ross Douthat looks at the Texas abortion law like, you know, an adult.

In the other corner, some chick on MSNBC dons tampon earrings to show the clear case for child murder.

Alrighty then.  She has us all wriggling in the crushing grip of logic.  I now support abortion.  Who wouldn’t?

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  • vox borealis

    I swear we live in an age when irony is dead.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    When I first heard about the tampon earrings, I was sure it was some comedians bad idea of a joke. Alas.

  • The Deuce

    It’s the same chick from the “all your children are belong to us” commercial, incidentally.

    • Not What You Think

      That “chick” is a professor at Tulane (formerly an assistant professor at Princeton), and in this video she is making a culturally specific reference to the African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child”.

      I can’t speak to the tampon earring, but this commercial is hardly unorthodox to my African-American ears. My parents, grandparent, aunts, uncles, and cousins have often repeated it to me.

      • chezami

        Whatever. I’m unfamiliar with throwing tampons and killing babies as a form of communal child-rearing.

      • MarylandBill

        Calling her a chic is clearly disrespectful. That being said, being a professor at Tulane or Princeton does not make the words she speak worth more or less than those spoken by anyone else. It is the content of what is spoken and in this case I would not be proud of the content if I were her.

        • The disrespect started when people planned to throw tampons, condoms, and other objects at pro-life legislators in Texas. This woman is protesting the confiscation of such items from people going into the gallery to observe the Texas legislature during the debate and vote.

          She deserves any disrespect headed her way on this stunt.

      • She didn’t say “it takes a village to raise a child.” She said children are property of the state and parents shouldn’t be allowed to raise them without government input. You don’t find that creepy?

        • chezami

          JoAnna: You shut your sexist mouth.

      • JM1001

        I didn’t know there was such a thing as “African-American ears.” I’m black and I found Harris-Perry’s little collectivization of children monolgue a bit creepy. Anyway, that’s how it sounded to *my* “African-American ears.”

  • Claire

    I heard about this, I didn’t see it, but my reaction was the same–like “wow, who can possibly argue with her?” I still haven’t made the connection between tampons (used in any manner) and abortion, unless she’s trying to suggest that tampon use is something that unites us all as women, and so, OF COURSE, we should also all be united in our support for abortion on demand? Who knows? I’ll pray for her. One day she’s going to cringe at the memory of having worn tampons in her earlobes on TV.

    • LSUStatman

      The tampon stunt was a direct reaction to the police in the Texas Legislature banning tampons in the state house, because the protestors were pelting supporters of the new law with them.

      So, the MSNBC trollop in question was using the stunt to stand by the depraved actions of the Texas protestors.

      For a terrifying account of the protests, see

      May God have mercy on our country.

      • Dbom

        Hey LSU, that trollop is a PROFESSOR!

        From TULANE!

        And formerly from PRINCETON!

        Care to reassess your description now??? I mean, aren’t you impressed???

        • LSUStatman

          Those facts merely lower my opinion of Tulane and Princeton.
          Her actions are obnoxious and childish, no matter where she is from.

  • LSUStatman

    I am constantly amazed by the drumbeat pro-abortionists chant when any oversight of the abortion industry is tried.

    In my city, as in yours and every other city in the US, government inspectors rate the cleanliness of restaurant kitchens and post the results on the wall. Some of the rated items are obvious, like whether the floor has been mopped. Others, like whether the cleaning agents are on the right shelf aren’t as obvious, but people who run kitchens understand them. The ratings are accepted as gospel, and even featured every Thursday night on the news. So, because we know that food poisoning is a real threat in restaurants, we accept that the local government has a vested interest in insuring their safety.

    Just suggesting similar oversight of licensed abortion clinics gets one branded as a woman-hating luddite who just stepped out of his troll cave. Never mind that Karnamaya Mongar died in part because hallways were too narrow and cluttered and an emergency exit was padlocked. Expecting an abortion clinic to use a little of their profits to plan for such emergencies and make necessary changes is compared to marching women to the modern day equivalent of Dachau.

    And from my experience, liberals are the first to accuse conservatives of not “caring for the children” if they suggest the same libertinism on any other business. Yet, they deny and look the other way from abortion clinics that wouldn’t pass the cleanliness standards of the typical interstate gas station restroom.

    Personally, I think the Texas law should have only focused on the health & safety requirements. Yes, I know that the 20-week ban was only changing the current ban by 4 weeks. But using the health & safety requirements would have clearly shown the two-faced hypocrisy of the pro-aborts, especially if everyone who commented on is on the pro-life side pointed out just how much money abortion clinics make.
    If we want to take small steps, we may have to make them one at a time.


  • Pavel Chichikov

    Poor satire. It is outclassed.

  • Mickingjay

    Or, to translate from the original subtext:

    Ross Douthat is the adult because he is the white male. What would a black woman professor know about reproduction?

    • chezami

      Annnnnd you’re gone.

    • Dbom

      Here is my translation of your subtext:

      You love abortion but don’t want to admit what it really is so you impute racist motives on those who begin to pull back the curtain on the evil logic of your position *and* the immaturity of its proponents….

      Am I close?

    • Derek

      The same black woman professor who wore tampons as earring as some type of correlation to abortion? To answer your question – obviously not much. Makes me wonder where she got her education so my kids can avoid those schools.