Spite-Filled, Ungrateful, Massively Displaced Iraqis Dramatically Raise Their Cancer and Birth Defect Rates

just to make America look bad.

There are, of course, rebuttals to the facts presented. One popular one is “This comes from a ritually impure site, therefore the facts it presents about the massive uptick in cancer and birth defects can be ignored.”

Another one is, “War is a prudential judgment, but abortion is always wrong. So any politician or pundit who cheerled for that war is exonerated by wearing a Precious Feet pin. Being prolife means not having to take responsibility for Iraqi birth defects since who could possibly have foreseen that showering a civilian population with depleted uranium for the better part of decade could possibly lead to cancer and birth defects?”

Another one is, “What? Are you still talking about that? It’s been what? a couple of years? Let it go! Besides, children are resilient.”

Another beloved response is “Oh well, fortunes of war. Whaddaya gonna do?”

Until conservative Christians get past the notion that opposition to abortion does not take away the sins of the world and cease talking as if “prudential judgment” means “Screw the guidance of the Church on any question where she conflicts with the GOP and FOX”, we will continue to see Catholics stampeded into supporting things like this. Being prolife is far more than simply being Anti-Abortion Except When it Harms the GOP Candidate’s Chance of Being Elected.

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