The Invaluable Tom Kreitzberg responds…

to my take on “Extra Ecclesia Nulla Salus” with the very salient point that saying “You aren’t necessarily damned if you don’t die a Catholic”, while true, is not really the core of the message Jesus sent the Church to preach.  Read him both here and here.

The Minimum Daily Adult Requirement approach to salvation that sees this either in terms of “Okay.  Then we’re Golden!” or the Angry Triumphalist sees it in terms of “Fine!  Any Catholic who thinks this believes in totally scrapping evangelism and letting Hitler into heaven!” both seem to me to not be thinking in terms of discipleship to and imitation of Jesus Christ, but of something else.

"Why don't you do the research and comment now that you've taken care of this?"

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  • Dsarker

    I dunno. I’d have to say that Jesus seemed to have given the message that the world was cool and all (being a good creation of God) but that being a follower of the Way was better + heaven.

    • Rebecca Duncan

      I dunno, Jesus said, If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

  • Rebecca Duncan

    “To treat it as doctrine means to act as though Jesus commissioned His Church to go out into the world and preach, inter alia,
    “If you don’t die as a Catholic, then you aren’t necessarily damned.”
    That would make for a very strange evangelization pitch. What is
    someone, especially a non-Catholic Christian, supposed to do with that
    message, other than cross “learn more about Catholicism” off their
    bucket list?

    Moreover, what are Catholics to do — what have Catholics done — other than cross “evangelize” off their bucket lists?”

    This. Totally. It gets more and more meaningless the deeper you go down that hole. I became Catholic to escape that garbage.