Update on Thomas Peters

UPDATE from Dr. Ed Peters: “Okay, I am sorry, but here’s some news.

Thomas Peters was seriously hurt in a swimming accident Tuesday evening. He fractured his 5th cervical vert. and is at Univ. Maryland Medical Center (Baltimore). Natalie Zmuda Peters is there, and the moms Angela & Becky Z flew out a couple hours ago. He moved an arm on command and is undergoing more tests. He has responded pretty well to the immediate steps taken for him so far. I will stay in touch here. Your prayers and well wishes are deeply appreciated.”

Father, hear our prayer for Tom’s complete healing through your Son Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, pray for him, his caregivers, and all who love him.

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  • KyPerson

    I’m praying for him and will continue to do so. Please keep us updated.

  • Matt Talbot

    Prayers definitely going Thomas’s way, and for his family as well. Lord, have mercy!

  • Arthur


  • bambi

    I hope he drops dead, he is an idiot

  • Fr Jim Chern

    Praying for Thomas’ full healing

  • Bill

    God bless Thom, and also God bless the assholes like Bambi and Arthur as well

  • Peter

    God won’t help Thomas. In fact, this happened because God is punishing Thomas for his anti-gay work.

  • Blaids1

    Serves him right…karma at work here for all his hate against all God’s children.
    In his Catholic world “what goes around comes around” or “Do unto others” and follow God’s Law of Love. May you never be able to pick and carry your gavel again.

  • DanSheehan56

    Blaids1, Bambi, Peter and Arthur. Now we have names for four more of the demons.

    • chezami

      These four candidates for excommunication from the human race have been deleted and banned. It is for them that Jesus gives us the command to forgive anybody who sins against us. And a hard command it is too. If I had my druthers and I lived in a more civilized age, I would challenge them to pistols at dawn and shoot them down like the dogs they are. But Christ has seen fit to protect me from my worst impulses and remind me that I am bound to forgive these miserable swine. So, cooling down, I will choose to do that. I deserve a medal.

      • DanSheehan56

        Well said and well done!

      • Bill

        I see no evidence of the Grace of Jesus Christ in this post.

        And neither does he.

        • chezami

          You have no idea what vile things were written by thugs gloating over Tom’s injury that have since been deleted and their authors banned. Butt out.

  • Arthur

    Why are people praying to god for hime to get better? Didn’t god cause the accident to begin with? Why would god undo what he just did?

  • FoxIsForRetards

    Isn’t thomas peters GAY?

  • Mike

    I wonder if he’s going to be as mean as he was before he became a cripple?