Every Friday Morning at the Pentagon

Read this and say thanks to a vet.

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  • Barfly_Kokhba

    What a lot of garbage. This veteran right here has some questions for those smug, self-congraulatory back-slappers:

    Where is my GI Bill “kicker” money? On my last six months of active-duty we were offered the chance for extra money to be taken from our active-duty pay to increase our educational benefits. I paid the entire amount eagerly–over a half-month’s pay, while supporting a working wife and two young children–and when I got out I never received one dime of those benefits. The whole “GI Bill kicker” thing just vanished, disappeared. I talked to many VA reps and administrators, in person, on phone calls, etc. Nothing but empty promises.

    Why did the so-called “Patient Liaison” at my nearest VA hospital HANG UP ON ME after I was finally transferred to him after spending TWENTY MINUTES trying to make a simple doctor’s appointment for an old injury that I received on active-duty? After being given some bizarre run-around for almost half an hour I lost my patience and raised my voice–but never used ONE WORD of profanity or cursing–and the so-called Patient Liaison arrogantly proclaimed “Nobody talks to me like that” and HUNG UP on an injured veteran in need of urgent medical care. Why does he still have a job with the VA, two years later? why is he still collecting a full federal salary with benefits, to this very day?

    Why did the Post-9/11 GI Bill money that was owed to me and about thirty other veterans at Columbia University get delayed to the point where some of us were literally flat-broke, hungry and helpless in New York City because we were attending school on a promise of money that was not paid when it was supposed to be?

    Don’t thank this veteran for anything. This country will soon hold its second presidential election in a row without either major-party candidate ever having spent ONE DAY in a military uniform. And that person going to deploy troops into Syria or some other never-ending warzone?

    This country uses young American men and women to protect bankers and get cheap oil and then throws those young soldiers and sailors away like trash. Any young person who signs their life away to serve and protect the lazy, indolent, oblivious, self-congratulatory citizens of America and their career-politician masters is a damned fool, unless that recruit manages to cynically manipulate their way into a lucrative position as one of the many self-serving officers or contractors who are able to steal DOD money and line their own pockets before the same thing happens to them.

    I only wish I had been so clever, rather than being a naïve idiot who actually expected to receive the basic educational and medical benefits that I was promised in writing, and use them to become a functional civilian.

    Every Friday at the Pentagon indeed.

  • John Thrippleton


    Also know that those who don’t survive get the same treatment as they are sent home from theatre. It was one of the most touching things to witness. When a “Fallen Comrade Ceremony” is announced on the loud speakers, the entire post lines the streets as the vehicle carrying the fallen soldier passes by, and everyone salutes.

  • Elmwood

    I’m more inspired by Chelsea Manning and his courageous gender changing aspirations. I always support the troops, gay, straight or tranny.

    • Sigroli

      We should not be “inspired”; we should be deeply saddened to see his (his, note) mental illness facilitated rather than treated.

  • Advocate

    I participated in one of the Wounded Warrior Walks. It was incredibly moving.

    If leaders send young men and women into combat, they should have to see the ones who bear the consequences of their decisions.

  • Advocate

    For the veteran below, I understand your frustration.

    Have you tried
    contacting the district office of your member of Congress? They are usually good at expediting delayed VA benefits.