I’m Stupid

Every once in a while, I try to post something non-controversial.  Hence this headline.

So last night I’m wandering through Facebook and come on discussion about whether the Bible should be taught in public schools.  Tony Esolen is making a persuasive argument to some atheist philistine (who maintained that us Smart People of the 21st Century don’t need none of that there Bronze Age mythology) that if you don’t know the Bible, you will be an absolute moron about pretty much all of Western literature and culture.  Hard to argue with that.  But still and all, I think there is a Christian case to be made against teaching the Bible in public schools.  So I referred him to a piece I wrote some years back arguing that.

Brandon Vogt then replies: “That awkward moment when Mark Shea doesn’t realize that the original article from Strange Notions is a re-posted version of the one he just linked to ;)”

So yes.  I am a moron, thankyouveddymuch!

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