In an effort to increase their production of evil…

Monsanto buys Blackwater, the world’s largest mercenary army. Because nothing says “Concern for the common good” like a giant evil corporation with its own private army.

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  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    If I put this in a story, it would be dismissed as paranoid nonsense.

  • Ridge_Runner
    • Joe

      The Vatican is its own nation, and they are basically security guards far removed from the standing military they use to be. Seriously, its like you’ve never heard of National Geographic.

    • Sean P. Dailey

      You felt compelled to post a link to “prove” your claim that the Vatican has its own security force? LOL

  • introvert_prof

    An update says that “private investors” bought Blackwater, not Monsanto (at least not publicly). But the cozy relationship is rather reminiscent of the Pinkertons as union-busters, a century ago. Pinkerton was the 19th-Century version of Blackwater.

  • Carol Weinstock

    You should see what they are doing in Hawaii.

  • obpoet

    Should make for a very interesting brand of Roundup.