Prayer Request

A reader writes:

My friend’s son, whom they named William, was in distress, and labor was induced yesterday. He died before delivery early this morning. Their parents and priest were with them. William will be interred in a family plot following a funeral. If you would say a prayer for William’s soul and for their consolation, I should be ever grateful.

May William’s soul, and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Grant grace, peace, strength, and consolation to his family and all who love him. Mother Mary, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. We ask all this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

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  • Alan Robinson

    I read your article about the Liturgy in the Catholic Herald. I have been going to the New Rite of Mass and the old Rite of Mass for the last twenty-two years. All the things that you complain about happen at the New Rite of Mass in most or many parishes and not at the Old Rite Masses. Instead of complaining why don’t we just shut up, pray and go to the Old Mass ? Alan Robinson

    • Bill

      What does this have to do with this baby and his family Alan?

      God bless them in their time of terrible trouble.

  • EBS

    Yeah Allan, why dont we shut up and pray for this little baby and his family. God Bless them indeed.