Prayer Request and Praise Report

My reader updates:

Here is an update on the young man, recent college graduate, who has a job lined up in the tech field, who had that brain injury from the biking accident.   Progress is being made, praise be to God!  Here’s the latest from his mother and thank you and your readers for their prayers, they are making a difference:

Hello everyone,

Nico and I are home again for one day only to do  catch up with the storages.  We will be leaving soon to return to San Jose.

David has been in rehab for 10 days today.  Even the doctors are amazed at how quickly he is recovering.  We are so thankful.

Yesterday they changed his released date for the third time.  We will now be bringing him home here to Coarsegold Wednesday or Friday.  He will need 24 hour care.

David can now walk again almost unaided.  He can talk.  He can swallow.  He can eat regular food and drink now.  He can go to the bathroom.  The hardest area for him to recover in is cognitive.  The words and numbers are in there and though he tries, many times they do not come out.  But he is improving there also.  It must be frustrating.  He can describe it.  He can tell you what it does.  But he can’t say what it is.  David tires easily.  He takes naps throughout the day.

But he is alive and breathing.  His doctor told Nico afterwards that only one out of ten patients who come in with the amount of brain injury that David sustained make it.  They either die or are vegetables.

The hospital is lining up therapy in Fresno.  We will also look for peer support in the area too.

Thank you for your caring thoughts and prayers.  God has been good to us.

It will be a new adventure.

Father, thank you for hearing our prayers and the progress he has made so far. Hear our prayer for his continued healing through Christ our Lord.  Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for David and all who love him.

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  • Brian

    He definitely has my prayers. Through a similar — though less severe — bicycle crash years ago, I couldn’t continue flying for the Navy. I know well those cognitive challenges of which the reader speaks.