Reader Lori Pieper writes…

Hurray! Dancing in the streets and champagne all around for your book launch. Being an author I know how great that is!

Speaking of which, I just happened this very day (August 26) to fulfill a dream of mine over 30 years — to have my translations of the writings of Pope John Paul I out in my own book from my own publishing company. It’s called A Passionate Adventure: Living the Catholic Faith Today. Fittingly this happened on the 35th anniversary of his election as Pope back in 1978. I hope the book and short introductory bio will set a lot of things straight about who he was and what he taught. The writings on the faith cover 20 almost years of his life as a bishop, and they should not be missed.

I would love it if you will share the news with your readers. It’s available as an e-book (EPUB and Kindle/mobi) at Tau Cross Books and Media (, and in honor of the anniversary, I will be offering it during the first week of publication for only $3.99.

It should also be on Amazon soon; I hope a print edition will not be too far in the future.

Thanks (and congratulations again).

Check thou it out!

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  • Thanks a bunch, Mark — my dream is now complete because I’m being advertised by you!

    Not only that, just today a man in England e-mailed me, saying he has always had a devotion to John Paul I and now is “devouring” his writings, which he has not been able to read before. I’d advise everyone to read what he has to say about opposing abortion and genuine Catholic identity. Real hard-core stuff and exactly the jolt in the arm we need. Just one among the many pearls in the book.

    (The book is now live on Amazon, but it’s on sale only on the Tau Cross site — Amazon is a bit restrictive on setting prices, and the whole thing is so complicated I don’t want to deal with it. The .Kindle/mobi version at Tau Cross Books is actually a lot better-looking anyway — because it kept my original fonts, which Amazon removed. Plus, I get to keep ALL the money, not just 35%!)