Remember This Headline Three Years from Now

…when everybody is screaming that you have an absolute moral obligation to vote for Chris Christie, God’s Republican Candidate and the Last Best Hope for Christian civilization in The Most Important Election of our Lifetime:

NJ bans reparative therapy for gays; Gov. Chris Christie’s office emphasizes disagreement with Catholic teaching…

I’ve been wrong before, but it looks like it’s shaping up to be Christie vs. Hillary or Biden (for people who think they have to vote for either the Stupid Evil Party or the Evil Stupid Party).

Me: I’m going spend my widow’s mite on somebody who doesn’t use the Church as a punching bag for racking up votes.

The main thing your vote in a national election affects is not the outcome of the election, but you.  The sooner we figure that out and stop settle for the lesser of two evils, the sooner we see change, starting with ourselves.

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