The Mirror of Justice reminds us…

…that when it comes to fake dudgeon among our Ruling Class about sexual abuse, all you have to do to get off scot free and showered with approval is just be the right kind of Roman.

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  • Marthe Lépine

    On the other hand, all this upheaval has successfully prevented a movie that could have seriously embarrassed the powers to be from ever be seen in the US. After seeing that movie myself, I am convinced that nobody would have bothered bringing out Polanski’s crime committed all this time ago if there had not been something to cover up. In my opinion it is not mere coincidence that this matter re-surfaced while that particular movie was being made. And the point that he claimed that the victim had lied about her age is conveniently overlooked, but it might after all be true. He could very well not have known that his victim was a child. It was still a crime, but maybe not a crime against a child.
    I am not writing this to defend him, but to point out that this story might very well have another side. It was just convenient that in that case there was a real crime that could be used to silence someone speaking against the emergence of the tyranny mentioned elsewhere on this blog.

    • kirthigdon

      I think I’ve missed something here. What movie are you referring to?
      Kirt Higdon

      • Marthe Lépine

        I am talking about “The Ghost Writer”, about a former British prime minister hiring a ghost writer to work on his “autobiography” and contains interesting details about negotiations between the US and Britain (during the tenure of said prime minister) preceding a fictional war in the Middle East. Of course I cannot be certain about the significance of some of those details, but other people might have. The hoopla about the director’s 40-year old crime had the result of preventing that movie from entering the US, and/or convincing many well-meaning people from ever watching another movie by said director. However the movie was available up North, and, being an artist myself, I have long learned to separate an artist’s work and his personal shortcomings. And the movie certainly did raise a number of questions in my mind. Of course nobody would ever have presumed that bringing back that old scandal, even if it was justified, could have had something in common with present-day attempts to intimidate journalists…

        • kirthigdon

          Actually I saw that one on a Netflix rental; it was pretty good. I had forgotten that Polanski was the director. From what you say I guess it did not have a theater release here. There was another Polanski movie, Frantic, made since his European exile, which I saw here in the theater, and still another, The 9th Gate, which I got from Netflix. So his movies are available here. I agree with what you say about separating an artist’s work and his personal shortcomings. I’m a big fan of Mel Gibson’s work while deploring his shortcomings, beginning with his attitude toward the Church.

          Kirt Higdon

          • Marthe Lépine

            Thank you, Kirt. Another thing that I found is that the USCCB had not bothered to include the movie among its movie comments (I often look these up because there is a link on our church Web site – but I don’t always agree!).

        • CS

          Ghost Writer is absolutely not shocking enough to necessitate a giant conspiracy. Or maybe just *one* somebody who cared enough about it decided to go for his weak spot…which is that he is a disgusting piece of crap who still hasn’t admitted he did anything wrong.

          “Separating an artist from his work” is lovely. Some things are hard to forget, though, and it makes the whole “suspension of disbelief” think pretty hard.

        • wlinden

          Let’s see. Mirror of Justice posted this in 2009, knowing that Mark Shea would repost it four years later, invoking his vast influence to prevent a theatrical release of “The Ghost Writer”.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      And the point that he claimed that the victim had lied about her age is
      conveniently overlooked, but it might after all be true.

      You should ask how many child molesters are in jail that swear that they thought she was 18.

      She was 13. There are some 16 year-olds where it might be tough to draw the distinction, but if you can’t tell the difference between barely legal and barely pubescent, that’s a tough defense to sell.

      • Marthe Lépine

        Of course, but my point here is not to defend him, but just to point out how convenient it had been to bring out that story at that particular time. I think in the present political climate, we should be careful to look carefully at all sides of a question, and however justified an attack can be, to try to question who is being attacked, at what time and for what other reason. After all, Roman is not the one and only person ever found guilty of that kind of crime.

  • bob

    It looks like the Mirror of Justice reminded us of that in 2009. I’m not sure why its coming up now…

    • Marthe Lépine

      Well… I have a pretty good idea. See below.

    • chezami

      Because I noticed it now.