The Mysterious Mind of the Leftist Obama Worshipper

Over on FB, there is a page called “Being Liberal”. It does stuff like valiantly defy whatever crazy stuff Pat Robertson says today and bravely faces the applause of its peers as it courageously pats itself on the back. However, it has been remarkably silent about the Dear Leader’s rampup to war with Syria and our willingness to act as Al-Quaeda’s Air Force (such an improvement over our meanly forcing Al-Quaida to *steal* planes 12 years ago). Finally, somebody noted this strange quietude and asked these Paladins of Conscience for an explanation, which they testily gave:

(M) A lot of conservatives have been posting on this page, asking why the liberals who protested our war with Iraq are being hypocrites and not protesting our war with Syria, and I’d like to take a second to answer that question.

We’re not at war with Syria, so there’s no reason to start protesting against it. We’re not protesting against World War III either, that doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be liberals who oppose it if it happens. Anti-war liberals aren’t required to protest against wars that haven’t even started. If they are, then I would like to firmly announce my opposition to the war with Canada.

Hopefully that’s a sufficient answer.

Of *course* it’s sufficient. Everybody remembers how the Left prudently refrained from protesting Bush’s War in Iraq until March 21, 2003. No need to jump the gun and be hasty. In fact, those Christians in the Middle East are rocking the boat and making life hard for our Just and Wise Leader by their uncharitable assumption that the US armed forces are massing to blow them all to hell and not actually massing to invite them to tea. Why, if there was any justice Our Dear Leader *would* attack, just to shut their mean, judgmental mouths! No wonder our policies in the Mideast so consistently result in the death and exile of Christians! They have it coming!

The Anti-War Left: A Profile in Courage.

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