Gorbachev Comes Out…

…as a Christian.

Oops! Missed the date on this. Old (and inaccurate) news. Turns out he hastened to call himself an atheist shortly thereafter. Alas.

Still, as somebody with a deep fondness for St. Francis (hey! us Dominicans have always gotten on well with St. Francis) I’m particularly struck that a man raised in the milieu of the Eastern Church find this quintessentially Western saint so attractive. Francis may get his man yet. You never know. Deathbed confessions still happen. Gives me hope for the reunion that will have to happen sooner or later since the Church is One. It’s the same sense I get when I see Westerners getting excited about Eastern saints (and a happy feast day to you Father Chrysostom!)

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  • entonces_99

    This is quite old news. A couple of days after it broke, Gorby clarified things by saying that he was still an atheist, however, much he might admire St. Francis: http://www.christianpost.com/news/gorbachev-dispels-closet-christian-rumors-says-he-is-atheist-31660/

  • Michelle

    Actually, St. Francis of Assisi is one of the few Western saints who is revered in Russia.

    • Elmwood

      Depends on how “Orthodox” they are. They don’t as a rule recognize our saints, as crazy as that is. We recognize theirs for the most part.

  • Thomas J. Ryan

    Not the only inaccuracy in the story. Frankie was never ordained

    • chezami

      I thought he was a deacon.

      • Thomas J. Ryan

        I believe you’re correct but not a priest as stated in the first article.

  • Silverback


  • http://www.subcreators.com/blog Lori Pieper

    I seem to recall that Lenin once said, “If we’d had ten St. Francis’, Russia would have been saved for Christ,” or something like that.

    And yes, he was an ordained deacon who never became a priest.