Kevin O’Brien to Shoutin’ Bill Donohue…

For the love of God (literally), will you please just shut up?

Prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and the works of mercy wouldn’t hurt either.

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Fire Raymond Arroyo

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  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    This case is even worse than being persecuted for righteousness’s sake. In this case, all the facts we know at this point suggest a very grave wrong was done and done repeatedly while those in authority covered it up and played blame the victim. The guilty need to be justly punished and Donohue needs to retire; he’s an embarrassment.

  • Dave

    Doesn’t the Catholic League have a board of directors? Yikes….

  • This is the poster child for why active homosexuals, violating their own vow of celibacy, should no more be priests than active heterosexuals with mistresses that supposedly nobody knows about.

  • I am glad that a lot of people are finally starting to wake up to the fact this guy has always been more trouble than he is worth. now just to find a bishop to tell him to stop using “Catholic League” so long as he is their spokesman. I don’t care if its some liberal modernist bishop to do it. All the better. Sane Catholics are saved the embarassment of Donohue, and all his minions can take out their rage on a liberal bishop who outside of that one act isn’t terribly useful anyways.
    win/win. 🙂

  • Joe

    Ever-since his over-the-top saber-rattling got a rude Wal-Mart employee (a Napoleon Dynamite with a mean streak) fired, I’ve been wishing Bill Donohue would just go away. He is the Pat Robertson of Catholicism.

    The employee basically told the customer the silly mythology that Christmas was pagan, said shopper runs to the CL all horrified and craven, and their complaints got the guy fired around Christmastime (or just before). No demand that the guy’s job be spared in the spirit of forgiveness. Real classy. A true victory against the non-believers for Christ and Church. A Wal-Mart employee.

    We don’t need the CL. Christ warned that his followers would be persecuted. All Christians should cowboy up and take it–fight it when appropriate, and show mercy and charity when possible.

    Not get socially awkward losers fired from Wal-Mart. That was a lost opportunity to show Christ’s love, harming and embittering someone who may have needed it most.