News Media Foils Treasonous Plot Against Our Dear Leader!

Man in NM makes a funny by naming his outhouse the Obama Presidential Library

Menckenesque Paladins of free speech and challengers of the rich, powerful and corrupt in the media demand state intervene to silence this disloyal so-called American!

Our Dear Leader is just and wise. Humor is subversive and will not be tolerated. We are at War to export Freedom[TM]. We therefore cannot afford to waste it on citizens at home. Sacrifices must be made to assure that Our Dear Leader enjoys Total Submission from his subjects. He is Just and Wise. We are his children. He cares for us. We love him. We do not laugh at him.

Citizens! If you hear any family, co-workers or strangers in public places making jokes at Our Dear Leader’s expense, report it immediately. If you see something, say something! We cannot allow the Terrorists[TM] to endanger our precious freedoms by our exercise of those freedoms. If we do not crush political humor at the expense of Our Dear Leader, then the Terrorists[TM] will already have won.

Or maybe you *want* to see Assad’s Legions of Terror marching down Main Street of *your* home town! Now is not the time for petty quibbles about “liberty” and “free speech”. Now is the time to smash any traitor who laughs at Our Father in Washington.

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  • Julie Peitz Nickell

    Where’s the media’s sense of humor? That IS funny!

    • Evan

      You clearly don’t understand. If Bush, McCain, or Romney’s name were above the outhouse, it would be funny. But putting Obama’s name there is racist and NOT FUNNY.

  • moseynon

    erm…. this blog post is a classic case of a manufactured controversy.

    A local television news crew responded to a situation which it claims has stirred up opinions throughout the town. The reporter asks the city manager if he plans to do anything. The city manager says he will have to look at the sign to determine compliance with building codes, but doesn’t think anything can done about a free speech issue.

    That is the entire media conspiracy.

    Here is the actual news article on which the Daily Caller article (and Mark’s article) is based:

    The sign has been in place for weeks, if not months.

  • PalaceGuard

    The outhouse, at least, serves a humble purpose, and is an unassuming boon to the community. Nor does it require the use of a teleprompter.