Well, that was a bit of a bust, but still hopeful

Christine Niles wrote me to say Michael Voris wanted to talk. I asked when would be a good time, but never heard back, so I just took a shot in the dark and called. Turns out they are, as you might have expected, very busy. So we’ll do it on Friday afternoon. Your prayers for that would be appreciated. It’s a positive sign that he made contact.

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  • Good deal. I will pray for this intention during Mass this week.

  • Shane

    Liberals turn into warmongers, atheists love the new Pope, Russia is a better defender of Christian minorities around the world than we are, and now Mark Shea and Michael Voris are getting together to talk.

    Yeah, I expect the end of the world by next Tuesday.

    • chezami

      That will screw up my phone call.

  • Kristen

    So many prayers for you both. A very positive move I believe.

  • OldWorldSwine

    First, signs for hope in Syria, and now this? Praying for peace rocks.

  • Beefy Levinson

    Good on you.

  • Fr. Denis Lemieux

    Actually, and in all seriousness, offer this conversation up, and whatever stress or tension it may involve, for Syria. Our little choices to seek dialogue and reconciliation are more than a little relevant to the whole world situation right now.

  • vox borealis

    Awesome! Hopefully two strong-willed, outspoken Catholic internet voices (who both run sites that I visit often) can find some common ground.

  • Margaret

    I’m sure this makes me a bad person but the first thing that popped into my head as I pondered the prospect of person-to-person communication was, “You mean, you’ll put down your rock and I’ll put down my sword, and we’ll try and kill each other like civilized people?” 😀

    Seriously, though, I hope and pray this goes well. And in my defense, the next quotation that came to mind was, “How good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity.”

  • I hope you guys get along without killing each other. I do like both of you. (Although you have a slight lead by having an adorable granddaughter.)

  • Julian Barkin

    That’s great! At least he (or his staff) are making the effort to reach out to those who aren’t their best friends.

    But likewise …. This does not necessarily mean good things will happen. This might just be a call to reaffirm his “trad behaving badly” stance and to convert you to his ways. I don’t really need to say this Mark, but tread cautiously. True reconciliation implies charity and for both sides to admit their faults in conflict, including specific acts.

  • Br. Peter

    Mark, greetings from Br. Peter Hannah–met you way back on my novice year as a Dominican student brother in 2006 on our “tour” north. The convert from Calvinism. (Deacon now; priesthood May 2014.)

    Good to hear you guys will be speaking. I find myself in the minority of folks I have interaction with since I actually like Voris and think he’s doing great work for the Church. I’ve never minded the Savanarola approach–mistakes will be made, but ah well…much good can come from it too. I also see many similarities between you and Voris. Let’s see: (1) articulate; (2) unapologetically Catholic; (3) forceful; (4) passionate about doing everything you can for the Church, Our Lord, and the gospel; (5) pioneers of the New Evangelization using the New Media.

    Personally I’d say there’s nothing to fear in this conversation. In the Dominican tradition, great debates–even heated ones–are quite common between good men through Church history. Acts 15:39ff: “…there arose a sharp contention” between Barnabus & Paul, yet God apparently weaved this contention into something good for Cyprus (Barnabus’ passion) and Syria & Cilicia (Paul’s). I’ve had any number of knock-down dragouts with my Dominican brothers–strong argument can be had in an atmosphere of fundamental mutual respect.

    In any case, I’ll say a prayer or two for you on Friday! Many blessings, -Br. Peter Junipero, O.P.

  • Caine

    So what happened?

    • chezami

      We talked for about an hour today. Got a chance to know each other a bit and I had a chance to lay out most of my concerns. It ended on a friendly note, though I don’t think I really got through to him. I promised I would talk about anything he said, so I can’t really detail the conversation much. But a good start, I hope.