A Reader Has a Question About Hell

over at the Register.

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Not coincidentally….
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Christianist “Prolife” Pundit Kevin Williamson…

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  • Alma Peregrina

    Bravo, Mark! Nicely written! In fact, I think it dispels that other post of yours about Fatima a little time ago!

    If, instead of saying “Fatima may be wrong and so, you are not forced to believe in it if it doesn’t do anything for you”

    (which is legitimate, but dangerous, since it promotes an atitude that rejects any private revelation, even Church aproved, just because its message is inconvenient for your preconceived notions, thus endangering Mary’s loving message for us)…

    … you opted for the “do not resolve the (aparent) tension you see in Fatima by abolishing Fatima”, but rather “hope that all will be saved”, while striving to “lead souls to heaven, since we don’t know”…

    … it would have been a more satisfying answer to that previous post IMHO.