Joseph Gordon Levitt…

seems to have his head screwed on straighter than your average Hollywood type. Nice to hear somebody in that industry talking about the problem of turning people into objects and commodities.

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  • orual’s kindred
    • Jon W

      That interview was sooo frustrating. I kept wanting Colbert to drop his stupid character for a minute and have a real conversation with Gordon-Levitt. It almost looked like he wanted to, but the constraints of time and his show didn’t allow it.

      • orual’s kindred

        Oh, the interview could have gone much better. I wish Colbert pushed the time and show limits, instead of going for the ‘Was it difficult to get into character?’ route. It ate up even more of what little time there was, and it really wasn’t that funny.

      • orual’s kindred

        It seems to be a frequent thing for a lot of talk-show interviews in general–say as little as possible on the actual topic, and just fall back on banter about side-issues instead.