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A reader writes:

I recently started working for FOCUS (the Fellowship of Catholic University Students). It is amazing and I really love working here! The reason I am writing to you is that we have an urgent need for a Senior Systems Architect. I would love to find a Catholic who has multiple years of experience as a Systems Architect but is either fed up with the secular corporate world or for some other reason would be interested in moving into an orthodox Catholic environment.

Of course, this candidate might be hard to find, but I really want to find somebody who would fit in here. You just can’t replace a good fit when it comes to personalities… and fitting into a Catholic work environment can be tricky too.

Go for it, Eager Member of America’s Work Force!

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  • Guest

    Why is he looking for a “guy?” Please, dear Lord, let no one marry these losers, EVER! We can’t risk their daring to reproduce.

    • She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

      I didn’t see the original un-edited version of the ad, but as a woman, I am officially sick of the whole “That person used a gender specific pronoun! Sexist!!!” card being pulled any time someone has the cajones to accidentally not make something gender neutral. Seriously. It’s getting beyond ridiculous. Oh and just to stir the pot a little, men and women are not created equal in every single way.

    • said she

      In my neck o’ the woods, “guy” and “guys” are devoid of gender specificity. Even the more modern “dude” is used genderlessly, with no one being offended. I kid you not: in a group of women, one will use “dude” to another, and nobody dies. Nobody even suffers any, that I can tell. We’re all still women, and we can communicate in any way that we want, and we just don’t get hung up on such things. Maybe because we’re more concerned about listening to the content, rather than getting all bent out of shape over the packaging.

  • Guest

    I’m actually not looking for work — I’ll be retiring next year after THIRTY YEARS as a developer (and 55 years as a female human being.) But, just to help you out, I cc’d your charming little illegal advertisement to http://www.ncwit.org/node/1556/done?sid=2402. Here’s hoping you spend the rest of your careers not meeting on college campuses because of your discriminatory hiring practices.
    And, Shea!? How come you didn’t call out this joker on his sexism? So much for that apology…

    • chezami

      Not a nun, is certainly not a Sister of Mercy, are you?

      It was an informal email, not a legal statement and not a formal job ad. I was trying to do them a favor and didn’t read it carefully. I’ve changed the language so that bitter shrews the world over will be content. Hope you’re happy now. Sheesh!