The Inimitable Simcha Fisher…

accidentally blunders into the #1 spot on Amazon for Catholic books.

Her book: The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning

She’s already pushed past Sherry Weddell’s Forming Intentional Disciples (a grim Darwinian struggle for primacy that can only be resolved in a hair-pulling slapfest featuring Sherry in her trademark Wonder Woman costume and Simcha attired in her customary Xena, Warrior Princess armor) and has now aced out some guy in a beanie!

I say, “Everybody rush out and buy this terrific, wise, funny, down-to-earth and sensible book right now and let’s see if we can propel her right into the #0 spot! Let’s DO IIIIIIIT!!!!!

' title='Filling Our Father's House'>
' title='Filling Our Father's House'>Filling Our Father's House
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I love finding and boosting new authors
  • Erin Manning

    The examination of conscience chapter is worth the price of the book. So funny! So true! :)

    • Jon W

      It’s an excellent book.