It Gets Better

The above photo is my contribution to the “It Gets Better” campaign to help shy young nerdlings find the confidence to know that someday they will blossom into obnoxious old fat nerds.

  • Hermann o

    Obnoxious, fat, old? Who cares – grow a beard, that´s what counts!

    And BTW: make my sacrifice worth something:


  • doug

    The only reason you did this was so that you could pray on those poor confused young people who only *think* that they’re going to be nerds. It couldn’t possibly be motivated by anything other than that, certainly no good motivations anyway.

    Doug “more Catholic than the Pope, at least *this* one” Sirman

  • Ignatius

    If, by the grace of God, you could overcome the tendency to use a short sleeves shirt with a coat, there is hope for everybody…!

  • bear

    And with that, the suicide rate among shy young nerdlings went straight through the roof.