Jason Hall, All Around Good Egg…

…has a good piece on ideology and idolatry (more or less the same thing) up over at Catholic Lane.

Ideology is basically just another word for heresy.  The Faith asserts a few truths and lets the rest of reality relax in mystery.  Ideology latches on a bit of the Faith and then tries to get rid of all mystery by fitting the universe into a cramped All Explaining Theory of Everything.

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Let’s talk about Romans 13
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Let’s talk about Romans 13

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  • ivan_the_mad

    “An abstract rigorous set of political dogmata: that is ideology, a ‘political religion’, promising the Terrestrial Paradise to the faithful …” — Russell Kirk, The Conservative Mind

    “[A]lthough we cannot create the Terrestrial Paradise, we can make our own Terrestrial Hell through infatuation with ideology.” ibid.

    It would seem that The Imaginative Conservative was on to something regarding Francis …

  • Marthe Lépine

    I was thinking about sending a comment… about last Sunday’s Gospel, but I think it could fit here. So, a wealthy tax collector has heard about Jesus and is apparently simply curious (according to our parish priest’s homily). Simple curiosity can be considered as an insufficiently pure motive, just as is being said about the “wrong crowd’s” attraction to Pope Francis coming from misunderstandings. Jesus sees the tax collector and calls up to him, telling him that he will have dinner with him. I noticed that Jesus did not tell the man, right from the beginning, that he needed to convert from his wicked ways. In fact the story does not even say what the subject of conversation was during that meal. We are only told that, after the meal, the tax collector had a change of heart. I think this looks a lot like what Pope Francis is doing, going to the “riff raff” and saying that it is not necessary to talk about abortion, euthanasia and same sex marriage all the time, that once peoples’ hearts are open to Jesus, the rest will follow.

  • Del Sydebothom

    I’m not sure about equating ideology with idolatry is accurate. Maybe the colloquial connotations of the word imply something ill that is different than or additional to the literal meaning of the word. When I read the word “ideology”, though, my mind extracts “the logic–or wisdom–that either governs or seeks to understand a set of ideas”.

  • Guest

    There are those who use the term “ideology” to mean simply a worldview. However, that is not the sense in which I meant it.