Another 180,000 Cases Now Need Review in Mass.

…due to another quack chemist whose credentials were fake and who may have screwed up and lied in countless thousands of more criminal cases.

I don’t see the problem. As I have been clearly instructed countless times by people concerned to lift me out of my complete moral idiocy, it is perfectly legitimate for law enforcement officials to “lie” (if that’s what prissy puritans like me want to call it) in order to nail people we–let’s face it–*know* are bad guys. In such cases, people have no *right* to the truth, I’m told, so it’s simply acting, or a ruse of war, or some other euphemism that certainly doesn’t mean lying when you, wise as a serpent, use your holy wits to do whatever is necessary to Catch the Bad Guy. You are always and at all times morally indistinguishable from the guy who saved Jews from Nazis when you lie in the service of law enforcement. They should pin medals on these courageous and creative law enforcement people for doing what it takes to nail so many Bad People.

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