I *So* Want to Try This!

I am spartacus

Of course, the followup, where the barista has all the customers crucified, is a bit of a downer.  But still…

  • Andy, Bad Person

    Improv Everywhere already did this:


    Their whole site has hilarious stuff like this.

  • Margaret

    I’ve also heard of one where your accomplice orders coffee with the name “Primrose Everdeen,” and when her name is called, you shout loudly as you run towards the counter, “I volunteer for Tribute! I volunteer!”

  • wlinden

    This is Spartacus, who teaches Platonic philosophy, and Spartacus, who teaches Hegelian philosophy, and our chaplain Spartacus. Would you like to change your name to “Spartacus”? It would be less confusing.